Day Menu

Toasted raisin brioche with butter & jam £3.00
Yoghurt Scone with butter & jam £3.00
Bacon Roll £3.00
Egg Roll £3.00
Bacon & Egg Roll £3.80
Grilled Cheese Croissant £3.50
Ham & Cheese Croissant £4.50
Grilled Fleishkâse (German pork meatloaf)
in a roll with fried onions
Two Vienna Sausages
in a roll with German mustard & horseradish sauce
Eggs Benedict
Two poached eggs with ham on toasted Falko bread, topped with our homemade sauce Hollandaise
Eggs Florentine (v)
Two poached eggs in a nest of spinach, served on a potato Rösti and topped with homemade sauce Bernaise
Eggs Royale (v)
Two poached eggs with salmon on toasted Falko bread, served with a jug of homemade sauce Hollandaise
Homemade Pancakes:
with Maple Syrup (v) £4.20
with Berry Compote & Yoghurt £5.90
with Bacon & Maple Syrup £6.50
Soup of the Day (v)
with Falko bread & butter
Soup & Sandwich
Choose one of the following Open Sandwiches
Grilled Swiss Toast (v)
Falko bread with herbs, tomatoes, béchamel, topped with emmental cheese and grilled. Served with a side salad.
Smoked Chicken Breast
on Falko bread with apple & celeriac mayo, fresh apple, served with a side salad
Ham & Cheese
on Falko bread with tomato and gherkins, served with a side salad
House Salad
Leaf lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, German potato salad with vinaigrette dressing

Potatoes, green beans, tomato, boiled eggs, leaf salad, anchovies, tuna with mustard dressing
Confit Jerusalem Artichoke, roasted cauliflower florets, dried cranberries on quinoa salad (v) Small £6.20 / Regular £8.30
Smoked Mackerel Mousse served with mixed salad, bread basket & butter Small £6.20 / Regular £8.30
Grilled Goat’s Cheese with honey & thyme on Stornoway black pudding and a potato Rösti £8.90
Pork Schnitzel “Wiener”
served with German potato salad and cucumber salad
Pork Schnitzel “Jäger”

with a creamy sauce, mushrooms, pommes frites and mixed salad